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a little context.

From the very beginning, it seemed that the fall semester of sophomore year at Spelman would be a constant downward spiral, beginning with the conflict I had enrolling in my courses. Previously, I declared a major in Biochemistry, with a concentration in pre-med. I always knew that I didn't want a degree in biology, but I still wanted to go to medical school at the time. To fulfill all of the prerequisites required for admission to most medical schools, I had to take a general chemistry lecture and lab class. Because of issues with my schedule and the courses offered at Spelman, I decided to cross register and enroll in the course offered at Morehouse instead.

problem #1.

Apparently, a number of other students had the same idea as me. There were so many students trying to cross register for science courses, that the advisors began to deny registration forms. Because this chemistry course was apart of my major, I was now REQUIRED to take it at Spelman.

problem #2.

The only way I could get around taking the course at Spelman was by changing my major to one where general chemistry was not a requirement. I had always been interested in business and entrepreneurship, and the only thing closely related that Spelman offers is Economics. With this loophole, I was presented with two options:

  1. Change my major to Economics, keep pre-med as a concentration, go to medical school, open a obstetrics and gynecology practice OR

  2. Change my major to Economics, chalk pre-med altogether, use my degree, creativity, determination, and willingness to succeed to start my own business venture.

I chose the latter.

the purpose.

I had spent so much time telling myself that I wanted to be a doctor, that I felt obligated to pursue it. I often overlooked the small things that I naturally gravitated towards (decorating my planner, distressing/making my own clothes, interior design, doodling all over my notes, planning events, choosing my outfits) for the sake of making a doctor's salary.

Being presented with the conflict of changing my major and keeping or dropping my concentration was BIGGER than just that. It forced me to reevaluate my future and the things that I wanted.

I excelled in my science courses, but did I really want to be a doctor? What was my drive for it? Yes, I still had the same love for being of service to others, but is that the way that I wanted to do it? I didn't want it to seem as if I was giving up, but was I REALLY giving up if I just had a change of heart?

I started to search for people who had been in similar situations. I needed advice. I needed some direction. I had no clue of what to do.

I prayed. I weighed my options, and then I prayed some more. For guidance. For clarity. I contemplated the idea of a whole new plan for DAYS. I was running out of time. I had to make a decision soon.

It finally clicked in my head that what I had been praying for was exactly what God was trying to show me this whole time. He made me jump through those hoops. He made me uncomfortable in my present situation to provoke a change. He created turmoil inside of my head, so that I could follow what was in my heart.

I thought that if I dropped my concentration altogether I would feel like a failure. I was completely wrong. When I changed my major and decided that I no longer wanted to practice medicine, I was so relieved. Not because I no longer had the heavy course load that came with it (even though that's a plus too), but because I made the first step in choosing to follow my passions. With that came the idea of Syn City.

syn city.

Of all the nicknames I've been given (Nyny, Ny, Nelly), I had never in my 18 years of life had anybody call me "Syn" until I met my Morehouse brother (s/o to Malik) freshman year. I mean, it's the logical short-name for "Synahia", but to me, it was completely new. I loved it. That was it. That would be my brand.

I needed a platform. Not Twitter, not Instagram, but my very own platform to freely create whatever I wanted, how I wanted a blog. I couldn't just have "Syn" stand alone. It had to be catchy something memorable. I decide to play off of the phrase "Sin City", but use "Syn" instead.

Syn City. My own little world. A place for me to control, to adjust to my liking, to design and tweak the way I wanted, to share my genius, to inspire, to serve as my outlet for all the things constantly going on inside my head.

As it stands now (this was early 2017, lol), Syn City is (was) the foundation of what I will build into a career as an entrepreneur. I can't say too much without revealing my actual ideas, but it's everything I need before I take that next step. It's a way for my audience to grow with me on this journey and to be of inspiration to the next great mind.

your takeaway.

In the days leading up to the release of my site, I was so nervous. I was worried about if people would be receptive to it. I didn't know if I would be relatable. Would anyone subscribe? Would this whole thing be a waste of my time?

Needless to say, I did it, and the feedback I received was truly overwhelming. Before I released Syn City, I wrote down a list of my goals for it, one of them being to reach a total of 100 subscribers by the end of the year. Off the strength of genuine love and support alone, I surpassed my goal in the FIRST WEEK with a total of 124 subscribers and counting and almost 5,000 page views. To some, that may not be a significant number, but to me it means everything. To know that people not only believe in you, but your vision, your dreams...That's all you need.

Everybody's journey is different, and sometimes you have to be your own inspiration. There won't always be an example to follow, a story to relate to, someone's footsteps to trail, so make your own path.

All it took was for me to jump. To take the first step. If it is in God's will, the rest will take care of itself. Again... "#SowASeedAndWatchItGrow2017"

Your dreams are waiting for you, but you'll never make it there if you don't take that risk.

So, what are you waiting for? JUMP!

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