and we're back. again.

Here, I am … once again, with my third (I think) attempt at blogging consistently. Y’all tired of me yet? Because I’m over myself at this point. Regardless though, I’m bound to get it right sooner or later.

I told myself that once I graduated Spelman I’d do better, being that my whole reason/excuse for not staying consistent was because I was always so busy with school and all of the obligations that came with it. So here I am, making an attempt at doing better.

I’ve realized that all of my past blogging failures are the result of having no structure, systems, or way of organizing the content that I want to share. And believe it or not, the biggest setback comes as a result of too much planning. Wanting things to be perfect, not being satisfied with what I’ve written or created, worrying about what people will/ will not like instead of just doing ME (which is what this is about anyway), and all other things associated with overthinking.

Since I declared 2019 my year of DOING, I’m challenging myself to get out of my head and execute. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters anyway.

As of right now, here are a few things I plan on implementing or testing out with Syn City.

video content.

I’m seeing more and more video content on my instagram feed. As someone who has a short attention span, I know people don’t always like to read long captions, let alone blog posts (shout out to you if you’re an avid reader). I also know that the best way to deliver some of the things that you guys are interested in would be through video — so that I can explain things in detail and not have to write a lengthy post. So I’m gonna take a stab at actually recording some footage, but we’ll see how that goes because I hate the sound of my voice, lmao.

weekly subscriber mail.

One of my goals for Syn City was to always build a community — and this is what I liked most about having a blog in the first place. I want to actually connect with and reach people like me. The plan is to have a place and create the space for me to candidly share everything that I go through or experience so that we can all figure it out together. Every week, I’ll share an update, weekly mantra, or just words of affirmation and encouragement with my subscribers. If you’re interested, make sure you can subscribe here: (insert link)

real engagement.

Shoot me an email, send me a DM, comment on a post...the whole nine — I’m all for it. But with engagement I mean REALLY making myself available to connect with face to face. This is more so for my local subscribers and followers, but regardless, I would love to meet the people that support me face to face. I’d rather not be this mysterious person always talking to you from behind a screen, so face-time, to me, is becoming more important. I believe in energies and really reading people’s spirits, so that means more social events, more networking, more meet-ups, etc. I’m also a very shy person and staying to myself doesn’t bother me at all, so this is a little healthy challenge for me to not be so anti-social and step outside of the comfort of my close-knit circle of people.


For now, anyway. The plan is basically more consistency over all, so I’ll see y’all on the next post. And if you have a suggestion or request for certain specific content/posts, fill out this contact form and make the subject ‘content request’.

x o x o,


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