If you haven't already noticed from my previous looks on Instagram, all things white have been my go-to's for the season — from my favorite white bag to this comfy knit sweater. Critics of yesteryear would have you think that wearing white after labor day is a no-go, but real ones write their own rules. Well...that's what we do over here anyway. If you wanna go for an all-white look this season but aren't quite sure how to execute, then no worries — I gotcha sis! Check out my tips below on how to wear all-white for fall/winter.

Tip #1: Play with tones & texture.

Wearing any monotone look can be tricky, and that's especially true when working with different color whites. To add interest to your look, it's nice to play with tones and texture. (btw, this is the most important tip)

What do I mean by that exactly? Well, with tones, this means having certain pieces coordinate, so that the look is balanced per se. For example, in this look, my sweater was more of a cream color, while my bag and pants were a true-bright white. So even if you're not wearing the same hues, having different parts of your outfit that do coordinate helps it make sense, or just look more visually appealing.

By 'texture' I mean the material, print, or pattern of a certain piece. In this look for example, I add texture with the kitted fabric and fringe of my sweater. The patterns that are woven into it also break up the look, so that it isn't boring, which can easily happen with a monochromatic outfit. The patent leather material of my boot also adds something different.

Tip #2: Make one piece the star of the show.

I like my looks to be effortless, so minimalism is the way to go for me. So when choosing an all-white outfit, make one piece your focal point. Off first glance, my sweater probably catches your attention first, which is on purpose. Having one item as the foundation for your outfit makes putting it together that much easier — everything else just compliments it. In this look, you'll notice that everything else I have on is rather plain in design.

Tip # 3: Use accessories to elevate your look.

In my opinion, it's easy to look "cheap" when wearing anything white. So much so that it can end up looking straight taste-less. I mean, is it me, or does a poorly designed/styled white heel make you gag? I mean that may very well be one of my biggest fashion pet peeves. But anywho... back to the topic at hand.

The details really DO matter in this case, and when done right, they can take you from "she looks nice" to "damn she's fly." For this look, I added my favorite white bag. Yes, because it's white, but more so for the acrylic chain handle because I could have chosen any white bag. The handle of this bag really pops against the all white, and the brown tones kept it perfectly neutral at the same time. Imagine how boring a white leather strap would have been. Talk about overdoing it. *disgusted emoji*

The patent leather of this boot and the clear heel are also gag-worthy (in a good way) and gives the outfit a more "expensive" feel.

For your look, go for "expensive-looking" pieces or ones with unique details. Any accessory with metals, acrylics, or jewels should do the trick.

I hope this helps you execute your all-white winter lewks. Be sure to share them with ya girl because I love a good fit, honey! Until next time.



Outfit Details:

Sweater & Bag: Girl Next Door (

Pants: Zara

Boots: Public Desire

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